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Memos From Heaven

To:  God, Archangels, Development Staff

CC: R&D, Marketing

From:  Chief Inspector, Quality Assurance

Re:  Latest Beta of Human Body (male & female)


Love the newest additions, I think we're getting really close!  Adding that second leg was definitely a turning point.  And Phil, great job coming up with the posterior inferior cerebellar artery!  I owe you a lunch for "brainstorming" that problem!!! (ha ha)  Also, whoever came up with the foreskin (Brenda?  Chamuel?), kudos.  Now that we've got it in place, I can't imagine going without it!

Now, I know it's the Day Six and we're getting waaaaay close to production time (!!!!), but I was hoping these last minute changes could get incorporated into the final product.  See me after the break if anything needs clarification.


1) Shins need more padding

2) Elbow skin -- why so disgusting?  

3) I've noticed the possibility of hair growing on (and in) the ears of the male after 30 or so years... can we fix this glitch?

4)  Female model still getting that "under the bicep flapping" going on.  Ideas?

5) Remove appendix

6) For the last time, are we going with or without the navel for the two prototypes?

7) Hangnails seem far too painful, considering

8)  Free will: I thought I asked that this be removed (?).

9) Testicles:  Do we really need two?

10) I still think gills are a good idea... what if there's a flood?