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Movie Tragic

You know what I like to do with all my free time?  Rent movies.  I love renting movies, a whole big stack of them, and I think a lot of other people do too. (TIP:  for added fun, try watching the movies you rent!)  Anyhoo, when I need some ideas of what to rent, I head over to the Internet Movie Database ( and browse around.

Imdb also has a 'goofs' section, where they point out factual errors and continuity gaffes in particular films.  I was looking over the goofs for the movie Jaws, when I saw this one:

Factual errors: It has been proven that great white sharks do not eat people. People are attacked when sharks mistake them for preferred prey, mainly seals. Humans, possibly tasting unpleasant to sharks, are almost always released by sharks.

And you know what?  That is an error.  A big one.  How could they screw up so badly?  I think Spielberg should re-edit the film to correct this enormous blunder.  Sure, there's nothing too exciting about a safe, fun, and altogether pleasant weekend at the beach while a great white shark cruises offshore, ignoring everyone, but at least it will be factually correct.

Since these goofs are submitted by readers of the site, I thought I'd contribute some of my own.  Some big movie goofs I hope get corrected someday:

Toy Story: Toys can't talk and move of their own accord.  They are composed of lifeless plastic and other manufactured materials, and any movement or emitted sounds generally come from battery powered mechanisms.

Superman:  An alien being who looks just like a man, but has superhuman powers of flight, invulnerability, x-ray/heat vision, and super-strong breath and hearing?  Sheeah!  Right!

Twelve Angry Men:  Some of them were downright level-headed!  Come on, Hollywood, let's be more careful!

The Hunt for Red October:  It is highly doubtful that the Soviet Union would entrust their prototype silent submarine to a Scotsman with a speech impediment.  Nice try!

Blazing Saddles:  Oh, there are so many historical inaccuracies in this "Western" I can't even count them all.  Mel Brooks, shame on you!

101 Dalmatians:  In their hurry to create all those dogs, the animators seem to have forgotten to draw the 101 ENORMOUS MOUNDS OF STEAMING TURDS.

Anything Starring Bill Paxton:  You want to put Bill Paxton in your film?  Fine.  But don't make the common mistake of listing his name with the other actors.  He is quite clearly a prop.