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4.15.02 - 4.19.02 - Downtime

Welp, this is gonna be an off-week, for a number of reasons:

1)  My computer is seriously whack, if I may be so dope, so I think I'm gonna have to reformat my hard drive and start over.  Bleah.  It usually takes a while, what with the backing up of the files on zip disk and the erasing and the reinstalling and the downloading and the lamenting over the stuff I forgot to back up and all that hoo hah.  That's at least one whole evening.

2)  My apartment.  My apartment is the most cluttered messy dusty cruddy thing ever.  I really, really need to buckle down and make myself clean a different room each night.  So that's two nights right there.

3)  Baseball.  Mets/Braves on the TV, which I'd like to watch, and Seattle visits Oakland, so I might go to a game or two if the weather is nice.  I enjoy watching millionaires standing around in silly pants and spitting, okay?

Still, here's a few Diversions for this week:

1)  Some neat Flash Puzzles.  They're pretty inventive because sometimes the puzzle pieces move or even change shape.  I had fun with this for a while today.

2)  Ant City, suggested by spinn.  Kind of a long intro, but it's fun once it gets going.  I'm the God, I'M THE GOD!!  It's Flash, and makes some noise.

3)  What's new Pussycat?  A memory game involving cats and incredibly loud Tom Jones music.  It's Flash and it's fun.  The kinda thing you send to your friends.

Anyway, I'll see you next week.  I have a couple things I'm working on in the meantime, things that I could put into a list, which I will:

1)  A couple of interviews I'm doing for people.  It's tough being famous.

2)  A few different work-safe pages.  That is, versions of this site that appear to be more official looking than what you're looking at right now, for folks with little or no privacy at work.  Am I explaining this correctly?  Basically, the day's content stuck in a template.  Whoopee.

3)  Ah, I don't really have a third thing, I'm just trying to get this to line up with the bottom of the sidebars as best I can.

Now, go on!  Git!  See you next week!


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